It’s such a powerful practice to step back from your constant stream of thoughts and realize that you are truly much more than what plays through your mind. I have come to believe that this seemingly simple act is one of the most radical steps you can take that opens up infinite possibilities within yourself. It’s the beginning of moving yourself out of your limited thinking and the boxes you’ve created for yourself to live in based on your past impressions. It’s these mental constructs that keep you trapped in your smaller self.

Cultivating the part of yourself that is an ever-present observer within you is such a beneficial practice. As you learn to observe your thoughts, feelings, and sensations in your body non-judgmentally, allowing them to be as they are, you will discover in time that they will transform on their own. This new relationship with your thoughts has the capacity to set you free!

The truth is you are not your thoughts or feelings — you are so much more! As you cultivate your observer, also known as the witness, you come to experience a space of infinite stillness and silence that is filled with an experience of Presence. It is in this place — the present moment — where you can truly just BE. From this space you can be open to how life wishes to manifest through you and cultivate “loving what is,” as Byron Katie teaches. This is where you come to know your true self.

Living in this way brings you greater harmony and equanimity. It allows for endless possibilities not limited by the mental constructs you’ve created based on your past impressions. You learn to let go into “not knowing” with openness and grace.

2016 First Blog Illustration (1)It is a radical step to step back from your stream of thoughts and feelings. Through this process you will discover that there is so much more to who you truly are. From this space you can hear your inner wisdom/intuition and discover how life wants to manifest through you. You learn that your thoughts are merely “tools, not truths” and, in this way, not believe them unconditionally. It is so freeing to be released from the tyranny of your thoughts, especially those self-critical ones.

The Mindfulness Meditation Workshops I offer in people’s homes and places of business explore this practice of stepping back and observing your thoughts. They also teach present-moment awareness, where you come to appreciate and accept all that is flowing to you and through you. These practices bring you greater peace, joy, love and fulfillment.

By practicing mindfulness daily, you won’t feel like life is just passing you by. Instead, you will know that you are truly living.

Begin today by taking 5 minutes to practice silent sitting — close your eyes and take a mental step back from your thoughts, observing them non-judgmentally and with curiosity. As you observe, allow yourself to relax into that deep stillness and silence that is always there within you.

Practice this everyday and see how your life naturally transforms!


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