Sep 2016
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Kelly McGonigal’s

The Upside of Stress

This book is truly revolutionary!

For years I have taught about the downside of stress and how it can cause terrible things to your body. In her book, Kelly methodically reviews the latest research on stress and shows how we can make stress work in our favor: How it can build resilience and make us stronger. She shares how what we think and believe really matters! If we believe stress is good for us we will live longer than those who think stress is bad—the research proves this!

Through a 15-minute process, you can learn the ways stress is beneficial and how you change your mindset—experiencing a whole new relationship with stress while learning to use it to your advantage.

When you perceive something as a threat response when it really is not, and you learn to transform your response to a challenge response, you are able to rise to the challenge using the energy that is coursing through your body to help you take the best action in the moment.

In my next workshop on Learn to De-Stress Anytime, Anywhere, I look forward to incorporating what I’ve learned in this book so participants may learn how to turn their mindset about stress into something that supports them, so they, in turn, will learn and grow from their experience.

Stay tuned!!

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