What is the true longing of your heart? This contemplation is important and has many layers to it. In order to meditate on this question, it’s important to take time out of your very busy life, pause and cultivate inner silence. It is in this silence that your body, mind and emotions rejuvenate—become refreshed and heal. It’s here where you learn to listen to your heart’s longing, your deep inner promptings and wisdom. It’s in the vast silence that you will come to know who you truly are.

How is longing defined? Longing is a strong desire or wish—a yearning, hunger and thirst for something important to you. By quieting yourself you can begin to hear what your body, mind and heart are truly needing and wanting in that moment. There are many layers to needs and wants, and then there is the deepest layer, which is the longing of the heart. Longing is a good thing, and it’s important to nurture your longing. It’s an energy that stirs inside yourself and lets you know that there is something more—something more you yearn for in your life so that you can feel more complete, fulfilled and joyful.


Once you find that quiet space inside, ask yourself:

· What is it that is missing in my life?

· What would bring my life more meaning and joy?

· What is the new direction I long to take?

· What is it that I am really looking for?

· What will bring me fulfillment?

By taking the time with yourself to explore and discover where these questions lead, you perhaps will discover more questions and some significant answers. It takes time and patience to uncover the layers of longing and then recognize how you can create the changes you need to fulfill the longings in your life.

It truly feels magical to me when I experience being in alignment with my heart’s deepest longings. I experience a profound connection with my heart. There is a vast spaciousness and openness, and everything seems to align itself inside and out easefully and joyfully. It’s often not what I expected; however, there is a sense of rightness with me and the world around me.

I encourage you to take the time with yourself and ask the questions that will help you probe the deepest part of your being. The result very well may be to bring you into alignment with how the universe wants to manifest through you at this time for the benefit of all.

On Saturday, November 14th, Wendy Dion and I are holding our Second Annual One Day Women’s Retreat at the Yoga Lodge on Whidbey Island—Embracing the True Longing of Your Heart ~ An opportunity to renew and nourish yourself among the ancient trees. We will guide you on this exquisite journey to your heart, where you will listen for its longing and create an intention to manifest this longing in your life. Join us on this awesome journey and see what you will discover. It may surprise you!

Click on Katherine’s Events page to learn more about the women’s retreat she and Wendy are offering. For room reservations and rates at The Yoga Lodge, click here.

Enjoy the journey to your heart!

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