about me

Katherine B. Dobson

about me

Katherine B Dobson - Life Coach, M.N., Master’s in Psychiatric Nursing, Certified Integral Holistic Coach–Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy

I was born in Mexico to British parents and was raised there for 18 years—this began my love affair with Mexico, its culture and people. I have remained fluent in Spanish.

At 18 I came to the USA to attend university. (Texas Christian University B.S., R.N.) During my nursing studies I became acutely aware that to heal the physical body one must include the mind and emotions—the whole person. With this awareness I continued my studies in graduate school in the field of psychology so I could learn more about how our emotions fit into the healing process. (University of Washington R.N., M.N.)


After graduate school I worked as a psychotherapist and studied many different approaches to therapy including Client Centered Therapy, Gestalt and Family Therapy, Bioenergetics and Object Relations Therapy. I learned different ways to facilitate the healing of our mind and emotions.

When I was going through my divorce, a friend said to me, “You keep looking for love on the outside. Why don’t you look for it inside yourself through meditation?” This began my study and practice of meditation. Through meditation I’ve discovered a wellspring of love, wisdom, peace of mind and contentment within myself. I have come to understand the mind and how we can make it our ally to support us to become our best self.

I believe the experiences that come to us are exactly what we need in order to grow and develop into the person we are meant to be. When we are in the middle of a life-changing event it’s often hard to see it as a chance for growth. I have found that in time a life-changing event affords us the opportunity to dig deep inside ourselves to discover our talents and gifts and create a meaningful life.

I love bringing together eastern and western approaches in working with people from a body, mind, and spiritual level. Life Coaching offers the perfect avenue for me to apply all of who I am and what I've learned as I facilitate others to become their best selves and to fulfill their goals and life's dreams.

Life coaching includes my strong belief that each of us has everything we need within ourselves to fulfill our life's purpose. My personal experience of moving through life-changing events has given me the opportunity to learn how to stay anchored to a solid core within myself no matter what life-changing events occur on the outside.

I look forward to bringing my life experience, education and trainings to each encounter I have with my coaching clients—facilitating a process where you can discover and live the life you chose.

what others have to say about me

Katherine listens with her heart and then asks just the right questions to help me see my next steps. This process of discovery is so powerful and empowering. Her wide-ranging life experience inspires confidence, and her wisdom is tangible and practical while still supporting me to come up with my own solutions. I wholeheartedly recommend Katherine as a life coach.

- EG, New York

Katherine's coaching became available at the perfect time for me. I was dealing with loss (a death in my family), I had moved, and my profession was changing — all at the same time. Katherine's steady support, skill in listening and supporting my evolution was a bright light. I highly recommend Katherine's coaching. She's excellent.

- DBG, Texas


skills in coaching

  • Powerful questions which support clients to discover how to move from a place of unease to trusting their inner knowing and creating a life they truly want
  • Deep listener—listening at the body, mind, spiritual level
  • Knowing how to identify and work with the mind’s tendency to sabotage when one wishes to make a change
  • Understanding the power of choice in every moment
  • Responsibility and accountability
  • Compassionate and empathetic

relevant experience and training

  • 30 years as a psychotherapist in adult mental health working with a variety of adult clients facing many different life-changing events.
  • My major life-changing events have been: marriage, 2 children, divorce, death of loved ones, chronic illness in a family member, single parenting, changing careers, and several major moves.
  • 5 years as an HR Personnel Manager
  • 20 years as a meditation teacher
  • Certified as a Reiki I & II practitioner
  • Bark Coaching Institute Training
  • Bilingual – Fluent in Spanish


  • University of Washington, Master’s in Psychiatric Nursing
  • Texas Christian University, Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing

* For more information on my experience and employment please read my resume on LinkedIn.


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