Welcome to Katherine B. Dobson

coaching for life-changing events

Life-changing events—whether expected, unexpected, positive or negative—are opportunities to step back and create your life anew.

is this you?

  • Your life has changed dramatically
  • Change brought unexpected results
  • You're questioning how you can put your life back together
  • Your new circumstances are demanding a new approach

why work with katherine?

Katherine has over 30 years’ experience working with people who’ve gone through profound life-changing events, including her own.

She has a passion for coaching and facilitating clients reaching their goals.

living consciously now workshops & retreats

In addition to life coaching, Katherine presents a variety of workshops and retreats throughout the year designed to help you:

  • deal with the challenges and stress of daily life
  • embrace life as it naturally unfolds
  • learn to live in the moment with grace and personal strength

Click on Katherine's Events page to see the workshops and retreats she is offering.


living in the present moment —

learning & practicing mindfulness

The present moment is the only time over which we have dominion. —Thích Nhất Hạnh, Buddhist monk, author and mindfulness teacher

Katherine offers workshops that teach mindfulness at various Seattle-area retirement communities, including Judson Park in Des Moines, WA, Horizon House in Seattle, WA, and Emerald Heights in Redmond, WA, as well as businesses and community groups. She teaches participants how to live in the moment, reduce stress and anxiety, and value each day for the miracle it offers.

mindfulness also entails acceptance of our thoughts and feelings without judging them.

Click on Katherine's Events page to learn more about how to schedule Katherine's Mindfulness Workshop.


the fifth-annual women’s retreat

with katherine dobson & wendy dion

saturday, november 10, 2018

the yoga lodge on whidbey island

This one-day women’s retreat with Katherine Dobson & Wendy Dion will be held at The Yoga Lodge on Whidbey Island, a sanctuary nestled in an evergreen forest. It is an outstanding opportunity to become attuned to nature’s beauty and wonder while

learning & practicing how to live a balanced and self-nurturing life!

The special fifth anniversary of the women’s retreat will offer an invigorated and revitalized program that provides its participants with the unique chance to

discover & practice mindfulness, yoga and Ayurveda!

Click on Katherine's Events page to learn more about the women's retreat and all it has to offer.


learn to de-stress anytime, anywhere

with katherine dobson & gail gensler!

Stay tuned for the next scheduled workshop that will help you de-stress your life anytime, anywhere!

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Join Katherine and Gail as they teach simple and effective mindfulness tools and gentle yoga to help you shift your state and re-center. Learn how to hold a more balanced view of stress — fear it less, trust yourself to handle it, and use it as a resource for your own growth and well being.

To schedule this workshop for you and your friends in your home or for you and coworkers in your place of business, contact Katherine either on her Contact page or by calling 206.364.4021

This workshop was packed with knowledge that was easily absorbed and is already helping me in my life. Both Katherine and Gail are passionate about helping others to cope with and change how we think of stress. —CS

Click on Katherine's Events page to learn more about this three-hour workshop.

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